Thanksgiving Recap

It’s amazing to me that my mother made these costumes thirty years ago for my sister and me.  The kids loved wearing outfits from, “olden times”.  On top of preparing the meal, my mom managed to whip up two more costumes for the boys and the youngest was the turkey!

My twins in the Indian costumes with cousin, Piper

Me with my gypsy sister (can’t find the pic of her in the pilgrim costume)



Scarlett as the turkey!

It’s become a bit of a tradition for me to take Christmas card photos for our families over Thanksgiving.  This is an out take from my session with my sister’s kids.  Scarlett lived up to her turkey costume.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!


At Home with…





I was flattered when Romantic Homes featured me in their monthly At Home With… interview.  Although I’m laughing at myself a bit.  It’s obvious from my answers that the interview took place at the end of the summer.  I knew it would be in the November issue but I definitely still had summer on the brain.

It’s a beautiful magazine.  And I loved the latest issue.  They had a great story on candy themed holiday entertaining.  Great inspiration for the mad dash till Christmas! 


Covering It All- Long Island Pulse

Thank you to the Long Island Pulse for the feature.  I really enjoyed chatting with Lauren DeBellis about wallpaper design and my approach to interiors (since my roots are in wallpaper).  Take a look.





Have you ever been to Charlottesville, VA?  

It’s a great town for SO many reasons.  It’s a wonderful place for a weekend get away.  If you ever get a chance to visit and want to splurge I highly recommend Keswick Hall.   Such a treat.  I can’t wait to return.

While you are in town be sure to use The Scout Guide to give you the inside scoop on all Charlottesville has to offer.  The Scout Guide focuses on all things local….artisans, shop keepers, real estate, restaurants… name it.  One look through & you may want to move to C’ville.

The creative vision behind The Scout Guide  is Suzie Matheson.  This drop dead gorgeous mother of three equally gorgeous kiddos has really hit it out of the park with The Scout Guide.  Her passion for her adopted hometown (she’s from Nebraska) shines.  With the help of other local talents, they have created a treasure of a book.   I’m thrilled to tell everyone about Suzie.  She is a great girl & I’ve known her since college.  In fact, she’s was probably one of the first people I met at school since we lived across the hall from each other.  Though we haven’t seen each other in years, I called her with little (pretty much none) notice before we came to town in search of a babysitter while we attended my husband’s boarding school reunion.  Within minutes, she took care of everything!  I ended up dropping my kids at her house with two great sitters that night.  We never got a chance to catch up other than several texts.  She was at a concert then heading out of town while I was down the road at a reunion.  Not to worry, no doubt we will be back soon and this time I won’t miss out on catching up face to face.

Here is a glimpse of the breathtaking photography in The Scout Guide.

That’s the coolest Butcher Shop I’ve ever seen.


 Joseph and Joseph  

Just in case you do decide to make Charlottesville your home Murdoch (Suzie’s husband) can find you the perfect sporting estate or historic property.

Virginia Sporting Estates

Please Touch the Walls

Today was a fun day.  I was lucky enough to be a part of a great article The Wall Street Journal featured on dimensional wallcoverings.  While it’s always nice to be mentioned in a story, this was an extra treat because my client and great friend was also featured in the article.  In fact, her photo appeared in the article.  It was a beautiful shot of her in her glimmering dining room.  I feel like a proud parent gushing about their child.

Photo via The Wall Street Journal Ron Blunt Photographer


Not only did the photographer make Cristina look fabulous (did I mention the former lawyer is also a mother of three? ) But he worked his magic to showcase two different wallpaper patterns in the same shot…not an easy feat.  The metallic silver paper in the foreground is the dining room and the paper behind her is a peek into her bar and kitchen.

You can see the online version of the article through the link below.  (no time to scan it tonight but will try to do it tomorrow)

Here are two of the other pics they featured from Cristina’s house.  The ceiling paper in the powder room is made with glass beads.

Photo via The Wall Street Journal Photo Credit Ron Blunt

Photo via The Wall Street Journal Photo Credit Ron Blunt

I’m more than a little rusty on blogging, for which I apologize.  I vow to do a better job.  On far too many occasions it seems that there just isn’t enough time in the day to fit everything in and blogging is always the first to fall off the list.  The addition of two fabulous assistants over the past few months has really helped and I look forward to posting more frequently (and sprucing up the web site).  Thanks for understanding.

Updating with Wallpaper Article

Always nice to be interviewed.  Thank you Shop Smart Magazine.

Lovely Liz

This is my favorite Liz Taylor photo. It makes me happy every time I see it.  I’m sorry for not crediting the photo, it’s been in my iphoto for years.

In honor of this blue eyed legend, here are a few of my favorite rooms with a pop of blue.

Photo via Meg Braff Interiors


via Burcu Avsar Photography

Sorry, I don’t have a credit for this one.   Happy to add it if anyone knows.

In search of my perfect sandals.

While in Miami last week I was super excited to get a pair of Tuccia Di Capri sandals.  I had the perfect custom pair picked out in my head and was looking forward to the 30 minute while you wait cobbler made shoe experience.  Unfortunately, this is what I found at the front door.
With my nose pressed against the window looking at all of the beauties, I realized my Hello Spring Sandals were not meant to be.  (might have to order a pair on line but just not the same thing)
Here are some better pics than the ones I snapped.   And be sure to check this article on Tuccia Di Capri right here.
Photo via
Click on the Lemon Drop link above to read a great post about the shop and the talented models turned cobblers who founded this fine establishment.

Getting Ready for Spring

With a description like this, I couldn’t resist….exactly what I need right about now.  Love this stuff from Farm House Fresh. Everything smells divine.

This brand new Shea Butter whip is a jarful of sunshine!Sprinkled with natural vanilla and citrus oils – Hello! Yellow is the happiest of creams — transporting your mind with just one sniff to a warm beach with sun on your face. A truly uplifting experience each time you lift the cap! The supple shea and cocoa butters and Vitamin E packed Jojoba and Soybean oils calm even the severest of dry skin. A giftably gorgeous 10 ounce glass jar and “joyful jumping on the bed scene” on the box makes a pretty keepsake. Hello! Yellow is 95% natural, and like all FarmHouse Fresh products, Hello! Yellow is Paraben and Sulfate Free.

My heels are screaming for this.

I love the little paint brush they give you to apply.  Sandals and flip flops here I come!


Oh the Weather Outside is Frightful

Two days after 70 degree weather, they are calling for several inches of snow tonight.  Here are a few images from a wallpaper collection I recently finished to keep us all thinking of spring.

“Alessa” butterflies from the archives made their debut in a 1960′s wallpaper collection.  We punched up the color  and added a metallic ground on the lavender colorway to give it a fresh spin.

To see more papers from this collection look here.  Dolce Vita by Antonina Vella